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Why Do We Charge a Consult Fee?

When you call my office in need of our expert elder law services our Client Liaison will speak with you to understand whether the issue is an elder law matter we handle. If your issue is not something we handle (i.e. litigation) we will be happy to offer referrals to attorneys in that practice area. The Client Liaison will take the time to understand the nature of your concerns, whether you require accommodations (i.e. glasses, hearing aids, a house-call) and determine what type of elder law consult should be scheduled and the time to set aside. I charge a consult fee which for some matters includes my written opinion letter. For some elder law matters we will provide a credit from the consult fee toward the services. I would like to explain why I charge a consult fee, the benefits that you receive and why you shouldn’t hire an attorney based on a "free" consult.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

When you choose a "free" consultation, the attorney will likely not provide any detailed legal advice. It is a ‘sales pitch’ to get you in their door and hire them. You may not even meet with the attorney. At a ‘free consult’ you will likely hear about the attorney’s work experience but you will not receive solutions or answers to your questions. When you schedule a consultation with me you will meet with me to discuss the aging challenges you are encountering and how to resolve them.

Paying a consultation for a professional’s time provides you with the benefit of their experience and knowledge.

When a lawyer offers a free consult it will likely be short. A consultation should be a commitment by the attorney to give you an analysis of how they will help you find solutions tailored to meet your goals. This commitment takes time and effort. When you consult with me your consult will take an estimated one to one-and-one-half hour. You will receive correct information about the law and how it applies to your situation. You will leave with answers to your questions.

A paid consultation is an investment in your future. Do it right the first time so you or, your family don’t have to fix the mistakes later.

There is an old saying: one who buys cheap, buys twice. Paying for a consultation is equivalent to making a commitment to yourself and investing in your future. Your consultation with me will include helpful guidance and knowledge along with well-thought out solutions tailored to your needs. Making a financial investment in your future has always been considered good advice; paying for an experienced attorney to dedicate their time and effort to your legal matter is no different. Don’t risk your future trying to find a cheaper solution - you will have to deal with the consequences down the line.

Every person’s situation and needs is different so you deserve a consultation where the attorney will tailor the advice to you.

Legal advice that works for someone else might not be the solution for you. Similar to how a doctor takes time in a consult to hear your symptoms, examine you and advise a course of treatment that fits your illness, I listen to your concerns, goals and review the facts then outline and explain the best planning options for you.

As Board-Certified Elder Law Attorney with 30 years of experience in this multi-faceted area of elder law I provide legal guidance and creative solution so clients of all ages at all stages of life can resolve issues that arise during the aging process. Call our office today 954-382-1997 to schedule a consultation with me and together we’ll create a legal plan to meet your goals.

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