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Real Estate Challenges with Ben Schulman

  • Learn how elder law attorney Stephanie L. Schneider can help you successfully navigate through the landmines of probate, guardianship, Medicaid and capacity issues.
  • Learn about the role of a realtor during the process of selling your home.
  • Learn about how to get your home ready for sale, programs available to you in the sale of your home, and the interplay between all parties to the transaction.

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Successfully Navigating Your Parents’ Senior Years

Featuring Guest Author: Star Bradbury of “Successfully Navigating Your Parents’ Senior Years”

  • Learn about the 5 Pillars of Aging Successfully.
  • Learn how to develop a plan for yourself.
  • Learn how to plan ahead while using the right resources and without stressing about the far future.
  • Learn about aging in place: Will it work for you or your parents?

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Elder Law Issues In Dissolution Proceedings

  • Gain helpful practice management tips on working with a client who has a disability and the importance of a well-written Durable Power of Attorney;
  • Learn how to protect child support for a child with a disability so they maintain government benefits;
  • Life after divorce: what every client needs to know to create an effective estate & incapacity plan.

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What Millennials Need To Know To Care For Their Aging Parents

Got parents or grandparents? Then don’t miss this webinar where you will learn about:

  • The 2 most important legal documents to avoid a guardianship;
  • The Importance of long-term care planning; and
  • How to access legal, social and community resources wherever you and your aging family members live.

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The Truth About Caring For Aging Parents

  • Learn to identify potential issues and warning signs (including cognitive impairment and financial exploitation) before they become a problem;
  • Hear important tips on how to ‘have the conversation about planning’ with your parents and loved ones.
  • Learn why timing of creating a legal plan impacts resolving the future challenges of aging including health issues and cost of care.
  • Learn how to select a qualified elder law attorney to have the best customer service experience.

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Top 10 Elder Law Questions & Answers for Caregivers

Caregivers can be effective advocates:

  • Having the correct information makes you powerful
  • Avoid costly mistakes resulting from incorrect information obtained on the internet, from a friend, or relative
  • Plan early = more planning options
  • Preserve independence and dignity of the person you are caring for
  • Navigate correctly to reach your goals and maintain privacy

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