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5 Reasons Why Fiduciaries Need An Elder Law Attorney To Guide Them

If you have been named as a healthcare surrogate, agent under a Durable Power of Attorney or, a trustee don’t miss this opportunity to

  • Learn how to have your authority under the legal document recognized;
  • Become aware of the ethical duties every fiduciary should know; and
  • The benefits of working with an elder law attorney to learn best practices and avoid problems.

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Top 5 Legal Insights To Help You Navigate During COVID-19

Collaborative webinar with: Ken Miller, Esq. (medical malpractice attorney); Alan Danz, Esq. (employment attorney); Ido Alexander, Esq. (Bankruptcy attorney); Nancy Brodzki (Board Certified in Marital & Family Law)

  • Hear valuable tips about employment law, bankruptcy law, family law, elder law and medical malpractice to help you during these challenging times;
  • Gain insight on planning options so you can have peace of mind;
  • Learn how to plan for your future.

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Top 10 Elder Law Questions & Answers

Do you find yourself in a life changing situation and unprepared for legal challenges?

Join Stephanie as she answers frequently asked and complicated questions about:

  • Important fundamentals of estate planning;
  • Qualifying for Medicaid and preserving resources;
  • Planning for the future needs of a loved one with special needs or a disability.

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5 Reasons You Need to Create a Special Needs Trust for a Beneficiary with a Disability

  • Gain valuable insight on how to preserve your loved one’s government benefits while enhancing their lifestyle
  • Ensure that assets you designate for a beneficiary with special needs will be used for them and not subject to another beneficiary’s financial mishaps
  • Learn about the different types of special needs trusts and how to preserve the assets remaining in a special needs trust for your intended beneficiaries

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5 Must Know Reasons Parents Should Create a Plan for Children

  • Learn why parents of an adult child can no longer make medical or financial decisions for them at age 18.
  • Receive valuable tips on how to protect your adult child from a guardianship if they become incapacitated due to an accident or illness.
  • Gain valuable insight on designating a guardian and a healthcare surrogate for your minor age child.

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