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Celebrating National Rebuilding Month and 20 Years in Broward!

Celebrating National Rebuilding Month and 20 Years in Broward

Author: Rita Killinger, Director of Development & Community Engagement at Rebuilding Together Broward County

Rebuilding Together started with the simple act of neighbors helping neighbors.

In 1973, a small group of people in Midland, Texas, realized a growing need in their community. Homes in their community had fallen into disrepair and their neighbors could not afford to fix them on their own. The group volunteered their time and skills to rehabilitate the homes of their neighbors. Realizing the potential impact of this work, the group formed Christmas in April, with the intent of performing repair and rehabilitation work in their community every April. Eventually Rebuilding Together grew into a premier nonprofit community revitalization organization and is the nation’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring a safe and healthy home for every person while improving the existing low-income housing stock.

Rebuilding Together Broward County was incorporated in 2003 and is a local affiliate of Rebuilding Together. This year, we are celebrating our 20-year anniversary of impacting residents and neighborhoods across Broward County! Our mission is: Repairing homes; Revitalizing Communities; Rebuilding Lives.

In partnership with the community, Rebuilding Together Broward’s primary goal is to eliminate unsafe and deplorable living conditions for low-income homeowners. Many vulnerable neighbors within our own community have homes which have fallen into disrepair. Oftentimes, basic maintenance has been pushed off because of greater health and human needs. Rebuilding Together Broward is uniquely qualified to provide services because we are the only organization in Broward County that focuses on providing critical home repairs to increase the health and safety of low-income homeowners- and we have been doing so for two decades.

It doesn’t stop there. Our work creates a safer and healthier home environment and makes it possible for people to live in their own homes independently and for longer periods of time. Our impact extends beyond the individuals we serve to revitalize and stabilize vulnerable neighborhoods and communities across Broward County. Over the last 20 years, Rebuilding Together Broward has worked to make a sustainable impact in Broward County by addressing quality of life issues through the provision of critical home repairs, modifications, and improvements at no cost to the homeowner.

This April, we are celebrating our springtime call-to-service. Nationally, more than 14,000 volunteers will work together on over 800 projects in Rebuilding Together communities across the country. These projects bring immediate change to communities. A leaking roof, a broken step on a front porch or faulty plumbing can wreak havoc in the lives of families.

Want to get involved?

Give today to help. Your donation will help us make repairs for veterans, older adults, families with children and survivors of disaster.

Volunteer with us. Our volunteers are the backbone of our everyday work.

Join our community of monthly donors by pledging to give each month. With just $5, $15 or $35 a month, you can help keep an older adult, veteran, or family safe in their home.

Become a community partner by sponsoring a Corporate Rebuild. An investment of your organization/company’s resources to Rebuilding Together Broward will make a difference in transforming the lives of low-income homeowners and revitalizing their communities.

To find out more about Rebuilding Together’s programs and how you can help, please contact Rebuilding Together.

Rita Killinger
Director of Development & Community Engagement
Rebuilding Together Broward County