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Moving Tips for Seniors by Lauren Berkowitz, Cheerful Transitions

Daunting. Overwhelming. Frustrating. The thought of moving almost always evokes these negative feeling when people consider the myriad tasks involved. No matter your age moving is always stressful. For older adults relocating is all the more challenging since they are usually downsizing into a smaller apartment, condominium or senior living community. Often there is no…

Don’t Make These 7 Medicaid, Long Term Care Planning Mistakes

Proper planning is required to obtain Medicaid assistance. When people encounter chronic illnesses and face depleting financial resources, consulting with a certified elder law attorney will help you avoid long term care planning and asset preservation pitfalls: Transferring the house: People who transfer their home to their children will find themselves ineligible for Medicaid. The…

Stop! Don’t Disinherit Your Spouse Who Needs Long Term Care

STOP! DON’T DISINHERIT YOUR SPOUSE JUST BECAUSE THEY REQUIRE LONG-TERM CARE Today we see more chronic illnesses (i.e. Alzheimer’s disease; Parkinson’s disease; dementia) that are causing people to provide care or seek long-term care services for an incapacitated spouse.  Chronic illness can trigger the fear of impoverishment or the fear of outliving one’s money.  When…

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