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Elder Law Attorneys Oppose Rules Change to VA Pension Program

On March 25, 2015 Bryant Jordan of reported: A national organization of elder law attorneys on March 17 filed a 27-page letter with the VA arguing why the department should not make proposed changes to rules for a pension program for low-income veterans aged 65 and older. The VA wants the rules tightened up to ensure that the…

Non-Lawyers’ Advice is Unauthorized Practice of Law Says Florida Supreme Court

Beware Non-Lawyers’ Advice to Obtain Medicaid and Veteran Benefits: The Unauthorized Practice of Law Recently, the Florida Supreme Court issued an opinion that identifies what actions taken by non-lawyers constitute the unauthorized practice of law (UPL). This opinion, and reporting individuals who commit UPL to The Florida Bar (TFB), will help protect the public. Be careful: there are…

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