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Welcome to May 2019 National Elder Law Month-Florida Medicaid Changes

Do you have an aging relative who needs long-term medical care for a  chronic illness? Is your loved one living at home, in an assisted living facility or a skilled nursing home? Are you concerned about how to pay for their medical expenses? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you need to know about a new law that became effective February 1, 2019 in Florida.  Florida is no longer providing retroactive Medicaid benefits- you will only receive Medicaid as of the month you apply. Before the law changed a person could receive up to 3 months retroactive Medicaid if he/she met the eligibility requirements in each of those prior months.  Retroactive Medicaid benefitted people who didn’t know they could qualify or, who didn’t consult with a qualified elder law attorney right away. The new law will have a negative financial impact on the uninformed consumer who does not file a Medicaid application right away as they or their family will need to pay for the bills not paid for by Medicaid.

Long-term care planning is important because Medicare will not cover all your medical expenses when you need assistance with activities of daily living (i.e. bathing, dressing, feeding, grooming, transferring, toileting). You will need long-term care planning if you are diagnosed with a chronic illness (i.e. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lewy Body dementia) and you don’t have a long-term care insurance policy. You will find helpful information on my website. The earlier you begin to plan the more planning options you will have and more time to implement them.    I can guide you to solutions so you apply and qualify for Medicaid at the earliest possible time.  Together, we will create a plan to preserve assets to supplement your loved one or their spouse’s quality of life, as well as preserve assets for a child with a disability.

Become an informed consumer by scheduling a consultation with me today and receive a 20% discount on the consultation. Our Client Liaisons are ready to speak with you when you call the office at 954-382-1997. Let’s work together so your loved one’s goals are achieved.

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