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Tips When Obtaining a Recovery for a Client On Medicaid and SSI

This month’s ‘Tips and Tales’ focuses on what needs to be done before distributing proceeds to a client who receives Medicaid or SSI benefits. Feel free to use this checklist in your office: At inception of the lawsuit ask the client whether he/she receives Medicaid, SSI, Food Stamps, HUD housing (or other financially sensitive government benefits). Document your file. Request a copy of…

Have Federal Amendments Really Changed The Ahlborn Decision?

If you have followed the caselaw interpreting Ahlborn you know that it has been a long winding road with many attempts by state Medicaid agencies to access the entire settlement, not just the portion attributed to medical expenses. Most recently in 2013 Congress sought to strengthen the Medicaid third-party liability act when it passed the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013. In section…

Stop! Don’t Disinherit Your Spouse Who Needs Long Term Care

STOP! DON’T DISINHERIT YOUR SPOUSE JUST BECAUSE THEY REQUIRE LONG-TERM CARE Today we see more chronic illnesses (i.e. Alzheimer’s disease; Parkinson’s disease; dementia) that are causing people to provide care or seek long-term care services for an incapacitated spouse.  Chronic illness can trigger the fear of impoverishment or the fear of outliving one’s money.  When…

Medicaid Protections Should Be Available To Same-Sex Married Couples

Several major federal agencies have announced that they are now providing federal benefits to same-sex legally married couples. Most recently, the Internal Revenue Service announced that same-sex legally married couples would receive all federal tax rights and responsibilities as provided to heterosexual couples Click here for I.R.S. Release. The best news is that these rights…

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