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Time for a Legal Checkup!

I have recently observed a client concern that I would like to share with you. When a person does not take the time to make pre-need funeral arrangements, if can cause conflict among the survivors. In certain situations the conflict may require resolution by a Court.

To benefit our clients and help ensure that their final wishes are expressed and enforced, our office has created an Declaration of Funeral Arrangements. The Affidavit designates who has authority to make final arrangements and obtain possession of the remains or cremains. This witnessed and notarized legal document is beneficial when there are multiple marriages and/or blended families. Domestic partners and same sex couples will also benefit. The declaration may help if professionals deny access to a loved one’s remains or ignore decisions communicated by the deceased before death. A Declaration of burial or cremation provides the legal authority to circumvent personal prejudices or agendas.

We recommend that clients who do not complete their pre-need funeral plans sign a Declaration of Funeral Arrangements so that they may have peace of mind.