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Tips To Organize Your Affairs For 2018

As we welcome this new year and new opportunities why not organize your legal and financial affairs? It benefits you, your family as well as your advisors who guide you through legal, tax and investment issues.

Here are some tips:

  1. Contact your banks and have them confirm whether you have designated beneficiaries and who they are
  2. Contact your retirement plan administrator to confirm whether you have designated beneficiaries and who they are. If you only designated a primary beneficiary consider designating a secondary beneficiary.
  3. Locate the deeds to property you own other than your home (whether improved or just a lot). Request that your attorney review the deed to determine whether a probate will be needed when you pass and to explore the options for changing the ownership of the property in order to avoid probate.
  4. Locate any promissory notes, mortgages and amortization schedules that show there is an unpaid debt owed to you. This is an asset of your estate and should be made a part of your estate plan.
  5. Locate documentation for all business interests you have.

It takes a village . Schedule an annual check-up with your professional advisors. It may be helpful for all advisors to meet with you at the same time so that everyone is informed and can collaborate to help you achieve your 2018 goals.

Proper Planning May Create Peace of Mind.