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Your Misconception About the ‘Medicaid will take the house’ idea could land you in prison.

It is not unheard of for children or grandchildren to move into an elder’s home because they are not financially stable or they are going through a divorce. However, if those relatives become a caregiver to the elder that owns the home they must put the elder’s needs above their own personal interests (i.e. fear of losing the home if the elder is moved to a nursing home). The caregiver is responsible for ensuring that the elder timely receives necessary medical care and treatment and is cared for in a dignified respectful manner.

Don’t allow misconceptions, rumors or lack of knowledge to cause you to neglect the elder and avoid the elder entering a nursing home. That is unfortunately what happened to Dorothy Havens. Dorothy’s daughter Kathryn Havens and granddaughter Amanda Havens were found guilty of elder abuse. They lived with Dorothy but ignored her bedsores and wounds out of the fear of losing the home to Medicaid. They knew that Mrs. Havens needed full time care but didn’t apply for Medicaid due to a fear that Medicaid would take the house. Mrs. Havens died the day after authorities discovered the neglect. The granddaughter was sentenced to 17 years in prison and the mother is awaiting trial for second degree murder.

Invest the time and money to consult with a board certified elder law attorney to obtain correct knowledge about the Medicaid eligibility requirements and the options for preserving assets. You will learn what rumors are incorrect and unreliable so that you won’t make a mistake. You may even be surprised to learn that in Florida the home remains a protected assets even if the owner goes to live in an assisted living facility or a skilled nursing facility. You will also learn ways to legally plan in advance to protect assets, avoid probate, and provide for the elder’s disabled children. Call me today!

Proper Planning May Create Peace of Mind.