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Domestic Partner Planning

Published in Florida Justice Association Journal People tend to avoid dealing with issues of illness, death and mortality. The laws in Florida as well as the United States generally do not provide your clients who may be same sex and heterosexual partners with the same rights as married couples. Therefore, it is even more important…

Lessons to Learn from Terry Schiavo

Published in South Florida Hospital News Many of us in the healthcare industry and legal profession have a variety of reactions and personal opinions on the medical and legal issues Terry Schiavo and her family have encountered. Notwithstanding, I believe there are common lessons we can take from it that if implemented would increase the…

Tips for Providing Value-Added Services To Disabled Plaintiffs and Reducing Professional Liability

[on behalf of the Academy’s Women’s Caucus Section] Published in Florida Justice Association Journal As an elder law attorney I have had the privilege of working with many talented trial lawyers who achieve settlements for permanently disabled individuals. These experiences have taught me that trial lawyers and elder law attorneys can benefit their clients and…

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