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Tips For You To Know About Social Security Benefits

How well do you think you know your entitlement to social security benefits? Entitlement to benefits is based on a variety of factors such as marital status (including remarriage). How a change in marital status impacts your benefits: SSI Benefits: If you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which limits you to owning no more than $2,000.00 in countable…

Elder Law Issues Affecting People Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis

People diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, at any age, are affected by the disease on many different levels: physically, possibly cognitively in the later stage of the disease, in their close relationships and potentially their employment ability. The earlier that people create a legal plan the greater likelihood they can remain independent and autonomous in their decision-making. Individuals…

Seeking Exemption From The Medicaid Estate Recovery Lien

If you achieve a settlement or judgment for a client after the client’s death the Medicaid third-party liability lien (F.S. 409.910) must be satisfied before the proceeds are placed in the estate. F.S. 409.9101(9). The proceeds placed in the probate estate are then available to satisfy the Medicaid estate recovery lien (for benefits paid through…

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