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Dentistry and the Senior Patient

by Dr. Alfred G Bove’, DMD You cannot listen to the news without hearing about the latest improvements which make our lives healthier and longer. Technological advances in medicine and pharmacology leave us with the following question…so we are living longer but what changes occur with living longer lives? Dentistry, since its early onset as…

The LGBTQ Healthcare Bill Of Rights – Be An Informed Consumer

Several LGBTQ advocacy groups have partnered with Center Link the Community of LGBT Centers to promote equal healthcare treatment for the LGBTQ community and prevent discrimination by healthcare providers based on gender identity and sexual orientation. The LGBTQ Bill of Rights was released in November 2014, when open enrollment for obtaining health insurance through the…

Elder Law Attorneys Oppose Rules Change to VA Pension Program

On March 25, 2015 Bryant Jordan of reported: A national organization of elder law attorneys on March 17 filed a 27-page letter with the VA arguing why the department should not make proposed changes to rules for a pension program for low-income veterans aged 65 and older. The VA wants the rules tightened up to ensure that the…

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