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Did You Know We Are a Full Service Elder Law Firm?

Recently, one of our clients for whom we did long-term care planning for his Mother called to advise that his Mother had passed away. While her passing was a sad event the client had the peace of mind of knowing that he had arranged for the best possible care for his Mother and she had died peacefully.

Our firm achieved a great result of qualifying the client’s Mother for nursing home Medicaid. The assets we preserved were able to be used to supplement her quality of life and care by providing private duty care, a private room, etc.

When the client notified us that his Mother had died he advised us he was going to contact his Mother’s former attorney to probate her estate. As a probate attorney we were surprised since we thought our client knew that we also handle probate matters. We advised our client that our firm is a full service elder law firm and we could efficiently handle the probate for him. The client was very relieved that he could continue to work with us and did not need to go elsewhere.

As a full service elder law firm we provide the following services:

  • estate planning
  • incapacity planning to avoid guardianship
  • guardianship for adults minors
  • guardian advocacy for developmentally disabled adults
  • government benefit counseling (Medicaid, SSI, Veteran Aid & Attendance)
  • asset protection planning
  • probate administration
  • trust administration
  • resolving issues on long term care policies
  • counseling on long term care options
  • counseling the financial and medical agents named in your legal documents about their responsibilities

We handle guardianship and probate court matters in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties as well as other counties around the State of Florida.

We want to be your trusted planning advisor through life. Stephanie and our team of professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve peace of mind!