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It’s Time for a Legal Check-up!

Happy New Year 2011! What a great time to create and achieve new goals that bring you peace of mind and fulfillment. We encourage our clients to have a legal check-up a minimum of every three (3) years. Why? The simple answer is that life’s circumstances change which can affect the advice we have previously provided to you.

A legal plan (whether it is an estate plan or long-term care plan) is something that constantly evolves and takes on new dimension. When certain events change in your life it may necessitate changes to your plan so you can still achieve your goals.

As your trusted advisor we want to meet with you and review what is happening in your life. We can then determine if it affect documents we previously prepared or, long-term care planning recommendations we made.

Ask yourself if any of these events have occurred in the last two (2) years:

  • your spouse died (we hope you are surrounded by loving memories)
  • you remarried (congratulations!)
  • you divorced your spouse (when one door closes another door opens)
  • a new child was born (mazel tov!)
  • a new grandchild was born (congratulations!)
  • you adopted a child (what a blessing!)
  • You inherited money
  • you won the lottery (way to go!)
  • a person you named as a beneficiary in your Will or Trust has died
  • a person you named as a financial or medical decision-maker in your documents is ill or has died.

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of the above, please contact our office immediately to arrange a consultation to discuss the impact of your life changes on your legal plan. As your trusted advisor we will counsel you on how to modify your plan so it continues to fulfill your needs and achieve your goals. We are pleased to offer a courtesy discount on a consultation to you and those you refer to us.