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Kudos to Publix On Offering Legally Married Same Sex Couples Insurance

Publix Is Helping Businesses Pave The Way for Equality in Florida

Kudos to Publix Supermarket for offering legally married same sex couples health insurance benefits effective January 1, 2015!  By recognizing same-sex marriages performed in a state where it is legal, regardless of the current state of residence of the employee, Publix is demonstrating it is instituting equality in the workplace.

The next step we need to take is to have Florida implement legislation (Florida Competitive Workforce Act) that will prevent discrimination in the workplace based on gender or sexual orientation.  Currently, in Florida a person who is lesbian, gay, transgender or bisexual can be fired because of sexual orientation.  Local non-discrimination ordinances is not enough (current ordinances only protect 38% of Florida’s LGBT adults).  Businesses who have a diverse workforce will likely avail themselves of better candidates in the recruitment process, retention of innovative employees and increased financial performance by enforcing non -discrimination policies and promoting equality.  A bill has been pending in Congress called the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. ENDS prohibits discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation or gender identity for employers with more than 15 employees (religious organizations and businesses with less than 15 employees are exempt).  It has passed the Senate but not the House.

Remember to support those businesses who promote diversity and equality in Florida.  Check out the Florida Businesses for a Competitive Workforce for a list of Florida businesses.

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