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Twas the Night before Settlement…

Twas the night before settlement at your client’s house where a special needs loved one was beginning to grouse.

The elder law attorney advised them Beware! That a special needs trust needs special care.

Families and lawyers must know in their heads that equipment is needed like hospital beds

Lawyers ran to the courthouse; a settlement– no cap! Now settlement funds are all over the map

Yelling structure or trust there was such a clatter, managing client expectations is really what matters.

To the PI Attorney Steph flew in a flash to inform the client how to best use the cash

We try to tell them everything that we know; need a care manager? a guardian? That’s how we roll

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a structure that barely leaves cash for a year!

Steph tempted to give them the evil eye but instead reviews benefits and how to still qualify

Now running in circles they don’t know what to do but Steph keeps them calm and moves on to step 2.

Quickly before the client can goof, they sign a fee agreement, we’ll make planning foolproof.

Steph picked up the paper and when she turned around, she saw the structure guy there wearing a frown.

He was shaking like crazy from his head to his foot, when learning the trust is where the cash will be put.

He smiled, as some funds for the structure were put back, and the earnings will go into the SNT. That’s a fact.

Steph’s eyes — how they twinkled! Her smile now merry! She managed to guide the clients; no need for a heavy.

The attorney’s little mouth was drawn up like a bow, he was unaware there’s a structure/trust combo

The attorneys are happy; Steph was brought in early to meet. The client will be pleased when the deal is complete.

They looked at the mom’s face and post-partum belly; the family took a brake to have lunch at the deli

The baby was chubby and plump, like an elf, but mom will have a lot of work to take on by herself

By the look of her eye and a nod of her head, she understood and appreciated what she just read

At first not a word but with a firm look, asked when can we start using Steph’s SNT book?

Throughout the meeting Steph remained composed, confident the client will be steady as she goes.

She walked to her car and considered the budget; at first the family would hear none of it.

Steph called the office as she drove out sight, it was a good day, and she wished us good night.

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