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2014: New Rules; New New Year’s Resolutions!

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS FOR 2014 2013 introduced significant legal and social developments in our country such as: the United States Supreme Court’s ruling in Windsor resulting in federal rights being available to married same sex couples individuals delaying their retirement age due to increased life expectancies, weakened retirement systems and poor financial planning and states like…

Lessons I Learned from my Father

My father, Howard Schneider, died on November 16, 2013.  When I graduated law school my father told me that the experience would serve me well and he was right. My father’s legacy is his work ethic, the importance of one’s character and credibility, and the bravery he exhibited living with Parkinson’s. I am grateful for his legacy as it…

How to Find a Healthcare Advocate

Choosing A Healthcare Fiduciary Now that you are motivated to have legal documents prepared to designate a medical decision-maker in the event of your incapacity you might find yourself asking “whom should I name?”  This question is not uncommon especially for people who: are not married or are divorced or whose spouse is deceased or…

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