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Blog: News Clients Could Use

Year End Tax Planning by Teri Kay, CPA

Planning is important to successfully minimize your personal and company taxes. While some people think “tax season” is March and April, it really starts in November. Year-end tax planning begins with an estimate of your personal and/or business income, expenses, assets and liabilities based on year-to-date numbers and estimates through the end 2011 and a…

Durable Power of Attorney Law

The new Durable Power of Attorney law which became effective October 1, 2011 contains many sweeping changes that are intended to conform Florida’s law to the Uniform Power of Attorney Act. A few of these changes include: Requiring that specific types of financial authority delegated to an agent (i.e. gifting; create or change a beneficiary…

The Affordable Healthcare Act

Here are some of the highlights of the law passed in 2010: Health care coverage will be available to individuals who are denied insurance due to pre-existing conditions through 2013. In Florida, the Pre Existing Condition Insurance Program (PCIP) is run through the federal government. You must be a citizen or national, uninsured for six…

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