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The Ten Commandments of Resolving a Catastrophic Injury Case

1. Thou shalt recommend to your client to consult with a board certified elder law attorney before mediation. 2. Thou shalt take steps to preserve the client’s government benefits with a special needs trust. 3. Thou shalt  have a guardian appointed timely. 4.  Thou shalt notify the Medicaid collection agency of the settlement and satisfy the casualty lien. 5.  Thou shalt recommend a combination of cash and a…

Beware The Pitfalls of Over-Structuring a Settlement

Plaintiff’s receiving a settlement want to have it safely and conservatively invested.  As attorneys, we share their concern about dissipation of the settlement perhaps for different reasons.   To safeguard the client (sometimes from their own fiscal irresponsibility) structured settlements are an option.  The use of a structured settlement can be a double-edge sword as explained below.…

Insurance Carriers May Delay Issuing Payment of Settlement Pending Determination of Medicare’s Reimbursable Conditional Payment

As we approach January 2012 when CMS will enforce mandatory reporting by insurance carriers for liability settlements, do not be surprised if more insurance carriers delay issuing payment until Medicare’s interests have been satisfied.  Insurers are concerned, and rightly so, that they will be held responsible by CMS for repayment of Medicare’s conditional payment under…

Year End Tax Planning by Teri Kay, CPA

Planning is important to successfully minimize your personal and company taxes. While some people think “tax season” is March and April, it really starts in November. Year-end tax planning begins with an estimate of your personal and/or business income, expenses, assets and liabilities based on year-to-date numbers and estimates through the end 2011 and a…

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